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Ayu:Comment on my paintings

1、 但得神遇,不以迹求。我自认为还不是个真正的画家,我却执意地渴望成为画家,然而天物弄人,我还是没有“吃牛肉变成牛,吃羊肉变成羊”。

Whether God exist or not, I still desire to experience miracles,. Since I do not think I am a genuine artist, I am just longing to be a excellent painter. But the God always like to make fun of human beings, My  works are not so splendid as I hoped, although I have been engaged in painting work. for many years.



WangWei had a saying,”Good lecturer never talks too much, good scholars learn from the rules." Painting is a modelling art. In order to express the mood and spirit in mind,the traditional Chinese painter always enjoy taking naturally things as a theme, and trying to make it artistically vivid and lively..


3、中国画很有趣味,比如我们在纸上画两条直线,如果在两线之中画条船,观者会感觉是一条河;中间画辆汽车,就成了路;如果在旁边画个碗,就是筷子了;画个香炉又变为两支香…… Chinese painting is very interesting. For instance, we draw two straight lines on the paper ,if a boat is drawn in the two lines,we know this will be a river,if we draw a car, they become a road, next we draw a bowl ,then they will be the chopsticks, we draw a incense burner,they become joss sticks……


4、“胸有成竹”的观点在绘画中一定程度上约束了画家的创造性,如果我们知道每天要遇见几个人,也知道遇见谁,也知道需要说什么话,这样活着我们会感到无奈和乏味,也就没有了“他乡遇故知”、“风雨故人来”之惊喜和激动了。“the view of  With confidence" point restraint the creative of the artists to some extent. if we know how many people we meet every day, and  know who we meet and what to say, we will feel helpless and tedious,there is not the surprises and excitement of “the Encounter of  the Refresher  in  Away from home” and  “the Arrival of Old friend In the rainand wind”.


The law with the law, the law, without restrictions, such as speak. the high and laws. frankly speaking, let the picture on the contrary. if anything, and as a map on the stage, we see  swagger, we knew he was driving


Shoting down is the end of life. The picture alternative between spring and winter, till the summer of year.Singing a Folk Song, the following is everyone konw.Go beyond,Pen broken while it still attached,bent is through quiet,prosperity leads to Adversity.Hiding and showing is a highly ideological,We never think someone as a fool to look at the paintings.if everything needs understanding,there is no suspense and Mysterious.


 The ancients had pointed out the cases in many poems, but unfortunately not many people noticed. Such as "you can see the grass at far view not close" showed observed distance; "holding partly concealed," said concealment and revelation; "cross as many different angles," speaking the point of view; "comparative study", said  the state of mind.


Chinese say "pain is unreasonable, General does not hurt," the composition of the screen as the person's meridians of the spirit of unreasonable, then stagnation, not General pain. Composition as the two armies confront each other, in its place and everything, size, number, priorities, offensive and defensive, movement ... ... the enemy in me, I have an enemy, but also as "airtight, sparse to Happy Valley."

 6、学习的捷径就是认识和方法。笨鸟先飞是要先认清正确的方向,如果方向反了,还是一味辛勤地飞呀飞,结果不难想象,如同喝毒药,一杯可能不会中毒,连续喝上十几杯,那可能就中毒太深,死得更快。The shortcut to learning is understanding and methods.First you have to realize the correct direction, then you shall struggle and persevere for it. If the direction is wrong, then all your efforts will be in vain.

7、人之所以有失望,是因为先有了希望。The reason why people get disappointed is because of their wish.

8、绘画没有给我带来金钱、美女、鲜花……却得到了一份心境,结交了一群有趣人,喝上了几杯无忧茶。有时候“相对而语,坐穷四野”,有时候“偷得浮生半日闲”,这样的日子真惬意!Painting brings me no money, nor beautiful women and flowers. I did not care about all these, as I have obtained a state of mind: meeting a few interesting people, drinking a few glasses of tea to lift my woeeies. Such kind of life is a really good.

9、“境由心造”,“无住生心”,以至无垠世界,我知道我的艺术之路还很长很长。"Environment created by the heart".I know by heart that their’s still along way ahead of me. I am pleased that I have maintained a share of sincerity and goodness.


Highest level of good deeds like the character of water that moisture everything but don't disput fame.The only thing I am pleased that I still keep that honesty andKind-hearted

11、我感谢孤独和痛苦,贫穷和无奈,因为他们在考验我,成就我。I thank the loneliness and pain, poverty and helplessness, because they can test my peseverence, and make me feel accomplished.

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